Answering any questions you have about Wispr


What is Wispr?
Wispr is a peer-to-peer, open source cryptocurrency. Wispr uses a proof-of-stake system and aims to provide secure and private messaging.
Where can I buy Wispr?
See the exchanges page for all available exchanges.
Why did you start Wispr?
Wispr was born out of dissatisfaction with the development of ESP2. While chatting with other members of the community about the slow/no progress we agreed to form a team to actually work out what was promised to us for months and developing it even further.
What is Wispr's mission?
Our primary focus is launching our blockchain with our first product being a decentralized messenger application. Our mission is to provide a private and secure messaging application using blockchain technology so that no corporate entities or governments can get a hold of your personal data.
What will be the use case of the WSP coin?
Beside being able to stake your coins or running a masternode you need to hold a small amount of WSP to use the decentralized messenger application. This is to prevent potential spam on our network.
Can I join the Wispr team?
If you are willing to help Wispr and you think that the skills you possess can be of great use, you are more than welcome to send your resume and a brief statement why you think you can help Wispr to info@wispr.tech


I can't open the wallet?
If you can't open your wallet it is most likely being blocked by your antivirus software. Some antivirus software flag crypto wallets as a potential threat. Go to your antivirus software settings and exclude ‘wispr-qt'.
How do I sync my wallet?
The wallet syncs automatically as soon as it is connected to the network. The syncing process shouldn't take longer than a few minutes.
My wallet doesn't have any connections?
If your wallet only has 1 or 2 connections to the network, or no connections at all you need to add a wispr.conf file to your Wispr folder. You can do this by opening a NotePad file and adding the lines of text that can be found at wispr.tech/nodes and saving this file as ‘wispr.conf' to the Wispr folder. (Don't know where you can find your Wispr folder? See the next question in this FAQ.)

If this doesn't work your computer and/or your network might be the problem. Laptops or computers from work as well as internet connections at workplaces or public places generally block these connections. If you are using a VPN, try switching it off. Check your firewall settings as well.

Where is the Wispr folder located on my computer?
The Wispr folder is most likely hidden on your computer. The location of the folder can be found below:

Windows: C:\Users\YourUsername\AppData\Roaming\Wispr or by pressing Windows + R and searching for %AppData%

Mac: /Users//Library/Application Support/Wispr or by using Command + Shift + G and typing the location of the directory /Library/Application Support/Wispr

Linux: /root/.Wispr

RPi: /home/pi/.Wispr

How do I stake my Wispr?
To stake your Wispr you need to unlock your wallet. Go to Settings > Unlock Wallet. If your wallet is fully synced and you have at least 1 active connection to the network, your wallet will start staking. Hover your mouse cursor over the wrench in the bottom left corner and it should say ‘staking'.
When do I get a staking reward?
If your wallet is staking it is only a matter of time. The more WSP you have, the more staking rewards you will receive.
My staking reward is conflicted?
Staking rewards that are conflicted show up as a question mark in your wallet and these are rewards that have been generated but not accepted by the blockchain. This may occasionally happen if another node generates a block within a few seconds of yours. If you get a lot of conflicted stakes, this might be due to having a bad connection to the network.


What platform will Wispr be based on?
The source-code of Wispr is forked from Blackcoin, a fork from the original Bitcoin.
Why Blackcoin?
Our best bet to start off quickly and on the right path was to fork from Blackcoin, since it was the first PoS coin, and now with PoS 3.0 it's still one of the best PoS coin to this date; forking Blackcoin for these reasons was almost a no-brainer.
What products will you deliver?
First of all, we will deliver a private and secure blockchain messaging application. This is our main priority for now and after that we will start focusing on long-term products.
How do I mine Wispr?
You can't mine Wispr. Wispr is 100% Proof of Stake 3.0. To read a more in-depth article about PoS 3.0, click here.


How can I get involved in the Wispr community?
You can join the community by following our social media accounts or start chatting with us on Telegram or Discord.


My question is not here, how can I contact the team?
The quickest way to talk to the team is to join the Telegram or Discord chats.