Answering any questions you have about Wispr



What is Wispr?
Wispr is a peer-to-peer, open source cryptocurrency. Wispr uses a proof-of-stake system and aims to provide secure and private messaging.
Why did you start Wispr?
Wispr was born out of dissatisfaction with the development of ESP2. While chatting with other members of the community about the slow/no progress we agreed to form a team to actually work out what was promised to us for months and developing it even further.
Are you affiliated with Espers?
Wispr is in no way affiliated with ESP2 or its team. Wispr will follow its own progressive path.
What is Wispr’s mission?
Our primary focus is launching our blockchain with our first product being a decentralized messenger application. Our mission is to provide a private and secure messaging application using blockchain technology so that no corporate entities or governments can get a hold of your personal data.
What will be the use case of the WSP coin?
Beside being able to stake your coins or running a masternode you need to hold a small amount of WSP to use the decentralized messenger application. This is to prevent potential spam on our network.
Can I join the Wispr team?
If you are willing to help Wispr and you think that the skills you possess can be of great use, you are more than welcome to send your resume and a brief statement why you think you can help Wispr to info@wispr.tech


When is the swap?
Swap will start in the last two weeks of December 2017 and will run for approximately 30 days to give every ESP2 holder enough time to swap for WSP. The final date and all the details on how to swap will be released at a later stage.
What will be the swap rate of swap?
The swap rate is still unknown but our aim is to significantly reduce the total supply.
Will you accept other currencies besides ESP2?
Although the swap details are not fully worked out yet, we are thinking about only accepting ESP2 during the first few weeks. If there is any WSP left of the premine we might open up the sales for BTC as well. Final details will be published at a later stage.
Why not do a snapshot of ESP2 and airdrop Wispr?
We have multiple reasons for doing a swap. First off all, we want to exclude the Espers team from our project. The top 50 accounts on ESP2 rich list currently possess more than 55% of all ESP2 in circulation, of which we believe for a large part is in hands of the ESP2 team.
Second of all, we only want people to participate in our project because they believe in our future. This will create a more stable price in the future and prevents a massive dump once we go live.
What will you do with all the raised ESP2?
We will put them on an account and start staking. At the moment we have secured enough funding for the startup phase, but in the future we might decide to sell some of the ESP2 raised with the swap to fund the development of Wispr.
What is the distribution of Wispr?
Not set in stone yet, but we will reserve a maximum of 5-10% of the premine for the team, bounties, faucets and as funds for future developments. The rest of the premine will be distributed to the people who swap their ESP2 for WSP.


What platform will Wispr be based on?
The source-code of Wispr is forked from Blackcoin, a fork from the original Bitcoin.
Why Blackcoin?
Our best bet to start off quickly and on the right path was to fork from Blackcoin, since it was the first PoS coin, and now with PoS 3.0 it’s still one of the best PoS coin to this date; forking Blackcoin for these reasons was almost a no-brainer.
What products will you deliver?
First of all, we will deliver a private and secure blockchain messaging application. This is our main priority for now and after that we will start focusing on long-term products.
What will your roadmap look like?
The roadmap will be released on the 10th of December 2017, prior to the swap.


How can I get involved in the Wispr community?
You can join the community by following our social media accounts or start chatting with us on Telegram or Discord.


My question is not here, how can I contact the team?
The quickest way to talk to the team is to join the Telegram or Discord chats.