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Project Coordinator

Kraken is a 30-ish tech fanatic, loves to tinker with 3D printers and is always looking for a good conversation about the future of blockchain technology. He is a cryptocurrency veteran and has been active within the cryptocurrency scene since 2010. With his extensive knowledge he will provide Wispr’s team with guidance and advice by taking on the role as the project coordinator.


Lead Core Developer

Panacea is a true crypto-enthusiast who entered the cryptocurrency scene in 2013 by mining and trading Dogecoin. More recently Panacea became a Software Engineering student in The Netherlands while working part-time as an Android developer. His enthusiasm is contagious to say the least, being one of the very first Wispr contributors he scrambled as many people together as possible and took on the role as the lead developer.


Core Developer

Lud0v1c is a core developer of Wispr, a crypto enthusiast, casual trader and an open source/digital freedom supporter. Lud0v1c has a degree in Computer Engineering and is doing a Master's degree in Cyber Security and Distributed Computing, which will be his main focus and interest in this project: delivering a fast, secure and robust blockchain product.


Core Developer / Web Developer

Raudii is an all-round developer with a background in Computer Science. As a lover of new and innovative technologies, he's been working on crypto related projects since 2013. With deep knowledge of modern web- and mobile technology infrastructure, Raudii will assist every aspect of the Wispr ecosystem to make sure it all runs smoothly.



A full stack developer with a focus on the blockchain. He has implemented large scale pay-per-use systems using fiat money. He discovered the blockchain when researching hierarchy free communities and fell in love with crypto ever since. Current areas of interest include decentralized applications, smart contracts and DAG blockchains.



Witkonijn is a front-end developer who has been working on web development since 2010. He focuses on creating the best user experience possible with the best fitting (JavaScript) frameworks and latest technologies. Ever since he got in touch with the blockchain environment he has been closely following the development of decentralized applications and cryptocurrencies.


Lead Marketing

As the head of marketing, Bobermo will be responsible for providing structure and leadership to the marketing team. Using his experience from his day to day job he approaches marketing in a systematic and strategic way, ensuring that Wispr will reach maximum brand awareness and advertising reach within the cryptocurrency scene.


Marketing strategist

MastaZz has a creative and energetic mind and thinks outside the box. As a former leading electronics engineer he is always looking for opportunities to maximize profits by using efficient hardware. With this mixture he will look for ways to get the most out it in the marketing team.


Marketing strategist

With more than 6 years of experience in online marketing ArieCaesar truly is a marketing specialist. He has created and sold multiple webshops and has been responsible for the marketing activities of several startups. He will now offer his expertise to Wispr.


Community Manager

Justin is a Biology student at the University of Groningen and has an affinity with psychology, technology, behaviourism and problem solving. Justin will manage the Wispr community and for any questions about Wispr you can contact him for an answer.


Community Manager

Nikow is a Process Automation student with interests in the chemical and robotic industry. Besides this he likes to involve himself in the crypto scene and he will be responsible for managing the Wispr community. Nikow will be responsible for creating tutorials and providing technical support.


Graphics Designer

Fiber is the graphics designer within the team. Prior to his involvement in Wispr he worked as a freelance designer. With 6 years of experience under his belt he decided to join the team after winning the logo contest. He will try his hardest to create quality visuals for Wispr.



Lntegrity is a Computer Engineering student and a very competent Python programmer. He loves to beta test and find bugs: he alone has found over 30 bugs within the official Telegram client. Linus will be responsible for finding any bugs within the coding and will also serve as Wispr’s sidekick.

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